Grand Rapids Ellington Academy of Arts & Technology | GREAAT Parents
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GREAAT Parents

[image position=”center” border=”smallBorder” shadow=”8″ url=”” width=”642″ height=”219″/] [paragraph][dropcap1]G[/dropcap1][/paragraph] REAAT Parents, Ellington Academy will be the only West Michigan academic environment that engages the senses and ignites learning by using the arts from around the globe.   We know that your child’s academic growth can be positively enhanced through our parent/school relationship. On our end, our staff will be committed to developing a positive parent/school relationship so that parents feel they can easily engage in the activities of the Academy and continue to support their children in the Academy setting. Our Academy’s “school culture” will promote effective school/parent relationships with clear lines of communication so that staff understands your child’s needs. Our staff will make open communication (e.g. newsletters, websites, email, etc.) and transparency a priority. Also, a parent orientation will be held for every student who is accepted to GREAAT and flexible options will be provided to accommodate parent schedules.  We will invite parents to consider an active leadership role in our school governance. We will accept recommendations for two parents to fulfill a two-year term on the GREAAT governing board. In addition, parents will be asked to volunteer 20 hours during the academic year to assist with recitals, productions, events and other activities. During the student orientation process, parent interest survey data will be collected and considered by the Academy in matching parent interests and availability with meaningful tasks for the academy and their children’s education.